Biography of the boundaries


With Ladys Gonzalez & Chiara Zilli

Four days of experimentation and collective creation of Videodance for research and production of visual, performative and multimedia art material.

The wild nature of Marina Serra, Salento, Southern Italy. open the doors of the creation.

An audiovisual, physical, poetic, personal and interpersonal exploration where the environment will be part of creation, meant as a Being in dialogue with corporeality.

The goal of the four days of work is to give life to an intimate and collective geography, which consisting of dance and dance images, taking as a reference the body as a physical, emotional and energetic territory.

The basic questions we are asking are the following: Which biography tells my body? And if the body is my territory, where do its borders begin and where do they end? Which ones are the infinite ways of living it, exploring it, dancing, filming it? Is the sea also my body? And the body of the other? And the crown of a tree?

The different contents we will approach will be the nutrients of a sharing, a communion as a lighthouse that awakens and unites together.

The collective work will condense in a performance in the nature and in a video performance that we will share with the public on the closing day from sunset.

The result of the creative video process will be part of the Second International Corporalidad Expandida Festival in Buenos Aires, which spreads and promotes the body language in its different artistic expressions, taking the body as a research field in its context through the camera's look.



The videodance is an emerging gender aiming at investigating the movement, the body and the space from audiovisual experimentation, a language that emerges from the encounter between the body and the camera. The videodance allows new aesthetic configurations; it makes visible the cultural identity because it tells the Here and Now of the bodies.
The videodance offers the opportunity to find new postulates about dancing, choreography, identity and audiovisual equipment.


The residency is conceived in a multidisciplinary way and it will be conducted by Ladys Gonzalez, Teacher of Body Expression specialized in Social Videodance, and Chiara Zilli, dancer and filmmaker.
It will be offered a cinematic view on the body’s work and a creative process to approach the performance from this view; specific knowledges about the use of the camera in the Videodance language and on the movements’ investigation.
The multidisciplinary residency will offer to participants an integrated learning that can trigger new paths of artistic, pedagogical and theoretical creation.


The laboratory will be deployed in three theoretical-practical modules, able to provide the tools through which the participants can build their own materials. Each module will give you both audio-visual and body language knowledge, targeting, in the context of an interdisciplinary work, the collective building and production of a Videodance.


Monday, October 16th
Module 1

12.30 Check – in
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Performative walk in nature
17.00 Sensitive - Perceptive Map
19.00 Participants Introduction
20.30 Dinner

Tuesday, October 17th
Module 2 – Part 1

08.30 Breakfast
09.30 Awakening body’s work
11.00 Videodance’s Theory
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Language’s elements in nature, experimenting with the camera
17.00 Shooting Analysis
18.30 Introduction to the screenplay: incoming ideas
20.30 Dinner 

Wednesday, October 18th
Module 2 – Part 2

08.30 Breakfast
09.30 Awakening body’s work and movement’s research
11.00 Collective screenplay and shooting plan
14.30 Experimenting with the camera in nature
17.00 Shooting Analysis
18.30 Introduction to the screenplay: incoming ideas
20.30 Dinner

Thursday, October 19th
Module 3

08.30 Breakfast
09.30 Awakening body’s work and movement’s research
11.00 Shooting the Idea: creation of a Videodance
13.00 Packed lunch
14.00 Shooting the Idea: creation of a Videodance
16.30 Editing
19.30 Dinner
21.30 Final showing


For those arriving from abroad there is a transfer service from Brindisi Airport to the place of residence, the Celacanto House of Marina Serra.

All participants arriving by plane are kindly requested to arrive in Brindisi no later than 11.00 am on October 16th.
Participants arriving by train to Lecce can use the suggestive South East rail to reach Tricase, just 4 km from Marina Serra.

At Tricase station the participants will find someone of the organization who will lead them to the Celacanto House.

It would be advisable to take the train from Lecce not later then 10.45 am You can check out timetables and buy your tickets at this link:

Tell us by email to yours arrival times just to give us the chance to organize the service in the best way.


The residency will end in the evening of October 19th, so participants should leave on the morning of October 20th.
We also guarantee the transfer to both Tricase station and Brindisi airport.


Meals will be lovingly prepared for us by experienced hands during our stay. Meals will all be focused on the healthy and good products of Salento. Mainly gluten free and vegetarian


Marina Serra / ITALY


The residence will take place in the small village of Marina Serra, Salento, Italy.
It is encircled by a high and rocky coastline, often overhanging the sea, and is full of amazing views such as the 500th tower for protection from the Saracen raids, the fishermen's marina, the natural coves, the Shrine of the Madonna


The residence will take place at the Celacanto House, situated in the middle of the Otranto-Santa Maria di Leuca Natural Park, near the sea in Marina Serra. Celacanto, with its small and suggestive pine forest, opens to the welcome of people eager to undertake a path of knowledge, growth Individual and collective citizenship of active and solidarity.


Ladys González

Videomeker and Teacher of Body Expression, motion language researcher.
Graduated in Artes Combinadas at the National University of Buenos Aires (Uba).
University Professor of Body Expression at the National University of Arts (UNA).

She specializes in Social and Community VideoDance, coordinates video and video performances, coordinates social VideoDance seminars with indigenous communities in the Province of Chaco, Argentina. Founder and co-director of the Project Corporalidad Expandida (CE), Cinematic Festival that brings together social video seminars and audiovisual productions that have the core theme of the body and movement’s language.

Chiara Zilli

Dancer, videomaker, dance teacher, graduated from the S.P.I.D (Italian Professional Dance School) in Milan.

Since 2010, he has undertaken a personal journey to seek the most human and healing dimension of movement and dance through experiences such as Sat, Seeker After Truth by Claudio Naranjo (enneagram of personality), the study of Persian dance with Israeli dancer and choreographer Miriam Peretz, of contemporary technique with Giorgia Maddamma.

In 2014 she realized Io Voglio le Ali Bianche, a documentary centered on the relationship between life and art, in competition at the SalinaDoc Fest 2014, Sicily, and presented at the European Film Festival 2015, Lecce.

In 2016, she recives in co-working the artistic residency of the BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) which results have been presented at GrecFestival at La Caldera in Barcelona in July 2016. She is currently specializing in Posgrado Cuerpo y Arte, Barcelona, directed by choreographer and therapist Andres Waksman.


Application Form

Send the application form and the receipt of the payment to


Flor Menudita

The artistic residence is realized by the Flor Menudita Association of Chiara Zilli, a dance company and an open community of dancers, musicians and dreamers, and of all people who believe in the evolutionary potentialities of the human being through artistic practice.

Her mission is to promote and spread personal well-being and growth through dance, conscious movement and videodance.

Fall into the body and feel through her eyes, from here it is born
the movement, from a state of inner resonance that is transformed
in desire of gesture. Each flap of skin, each periphery, each cell
sings the desire for life, the dance of life.
Grace appears during the journey as a visible face of the flowing. '
+39 3356301989

The residency is supported by BIDE Barcelona International Dance Exancge

A platform for networking and exchange for professional choreographers, dancers and performers. BIDE gathers professionals from performing arts fields and facilitates a structure for the creative exchange under a special form of laboratory, called B>lab.



Proyecto Corporalidad Expandida

The residency is realized in collaboration with Proyecto Corporalidad Expandida, Buenos Aires, which spreads and promotes body language in its different artistic expressions, taking the body as a research field in its context through the camera's look.


Coppula Tisa

The residency is realized in collaboration with Coppula Tisa Association